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Transition Missoula Presents Transition Streets Meetup Sept 14, 2015.. Here is An Opportunity To Engage In A Positive Response To The Climate Crisis: Transition Streets.This project involves simple living, resource sharing and collaboration for resilience, helping Earth to thrive by lowering CO2 emissions and transcending less compelling priorities of modern life.Please join us at the […]

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Future opportunities to become involved may include:   Read and discuss the Transition Handbook Raising awareness                                                                               […]



Transition is a movement and a place.  We rely on a community-led process that helps our city/our neighborhoods become stronger and happier.  If you have an event that helps move us move towards a more sustainable future together, please contact us to share it.


Transition Town Missoula was born on many fronts. Foremost, the people of Missoula have already created a vibrant city exemplifying many of the essential elements needed for transition. This foundation has inspired several to engage with the concept of the Transition Towns Initiative.

Transition Town is a timely initiative in the collective sustainability field that directly addresses many of our society’s most pressing environmental and social issues. The initiative will help to transform and advance the current dialogue confronting climate change, economic instability, erosion of communities, loss of biodiversity, domestic air and water pollution, and ameliorate increasing strains on limited natural resources that are commonly taken for granted as renewable and ever-affordable. In Missoula MT, we are not alone in our plight to transition away from our reliance on oil and fossil fuels. In the transition movement, there are currently 115 officially endorsed transition communities and cities in the United States, and 424 globally, who believe if we wait for governments to take action it will be too little too late. If we rely solely on intrepid and dedicated individuals, it will be too little. The transition initiative believes integrated community-scale organizations provide the most promising means to achieve meaningful and sustainable change.

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  • Transition Streets For Missoula in 2015

    Transition Streets is a project proven to reduce the carbon footprint of entire neighborhoods and save hundreds of dollars on energy bills. Keep updated with our events on Facebook How Does Transition Streets Work? Here is their website link – A handful of neighbors get together for 7 meetings, during which they follow clear and easy […]

  • Missoula Time Bank in the news

    Missoula Time Bank Go to for information and to sign up . A Time Exchange for Missoula and the surrounding communities! From Arlee to Hamilton and Alberton to Potomac. The Missoula Time Bank is a service exchange which uses time rather than money. Members provide services for other members. They earn time hours, and spend them on […]

  • Willard


    Education is clearly one of the principle areas of focus in transition. For many of us in transition we are seeking to raise awareness about important issues we believe will significantly influence our society during our lifetimes. Through a myriad of events we will gain committed support from the community to influence the necessary change […]

  • CFAC

    Local Food

    In Missoula, thanks to many dedicated individuals and organizations we are very fortunate to have a strong local and healthy food ethic. As our site and resources develop we seek to provide useful information about buying, supporting, and participating in local food initiatives. Inherent in the process of developing a healthy food system in Missoula […]

  • Economy

    In transition, we seek to understand how issues are framed within the greater economy. In order for Missoula to become a more resilient community against outside shocks such as energy insecurity or economic uncertainty, we believe our community should focus on developing and supporting a more localized infrastructure for the production and distribution of goods […]

  • Energy

    What would it take to shift our community away from our dependence on oil? Peak oil theory states: that any finite resource, (including oil), will have a beginning, middle, and an end of production, and at some point it will reach a level of maximum output as seen in the graph to the left. Oil […]

  • Transportation

    The Missoula Institute for Sustainable Transportation imagines: “Active walking and cycling cultures; extensive transit systems that run on renewable energy; bicycle station and car share options; safe and flowing vehicle movement; networks of greenway corridors that connect people and open space; an awareness and understanding of transportation issues and impacts.” Community Invited to Participate and Comment […]